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HoustonProperty.com  is part of of a Houston based  real estate company Gulf Equities Realty Corp (www.gulfequities.com) that lists and offers undeveloped properties out of a managed portfolio of 17 tracts with a current market value in excess of  $100M USD.

The Company is owned and operated by two Houston real estate professionals with a 40+ year history of investment, development and management, Leo Womack and George Gilman.
Houston Property.com is utilized to present unique projects, not being offered thru conventional real estate brokerage channels.

The initial project, "Beltway Enterprise Park" is featured in the attached material. The 100 acre tract is priced at $6.80 per sq. ft. or approximately $30M USD. If desired, a local development team is available to assist an investor/buyer in completing a development plan to meet their timing and specifications.

Another  is our Rail Served 134 Acre Industrial Project in Rosenberg Texas, just south of Houston

on I-69 priced at 10 million or 1.70 per square foot.


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